O r i g i n


My name is Mila Rob. I am a Pre-Med student, majoring in Biology because I have a great interest in studying human genetics and minoring in Psychology. I have many goals in life that seem impossible to achieve in an average human lifetime. However, I am very ambitious and my ambitions are a few of my biggest motivations to succeed and always try my best to overcome any obstacles that I will encounter now or in the future. 

I am a feminist which was an important element in my decision to become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, or most commonly known as OB/GYN. I am a big proponent of equal rights and equal opportunity for all. I believe that becoming an OB/GYN is an excellent opportunity to educate the next generation of young girls and boys. I consider myself to be a realist rather than an idealist, therefore my decision to become a doctor required careful consideration. I’m aware of the diligent work and dedication necessary for me to achieve my goals but I am incredibly passionate and I want to use my knowledge to encourage others to be their best and be independent.  

I want to make a change that will not only benefit me but the world around me. I hope to provide young girls, women and mothers around the world with all the resources that are part of their basic human rights and necessary to their health. It is imperative to me that young boys and girls everywhere are taught to reach for their full potential, taught to respect themselves as well as those around them. It took years for me to understand that change does not occur overnight rather time, inspiration and determination that are crucial to these revolutionary times. 


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