R e s e a r c h

Research. The word is a form of stressor for many people. Depending on the level of formality necessary for an assignment, it can be very overwhelming to even began the process of writing a research paper. However, with all of the resources at the library and more conveniently on the internet, research has become more accessible to everyone. 

For my research paper, I chose my topic based on my career goal as well as my interest in the feminist movement. I have decided to become a gynecologist and my decision to pursue this particular field in medicine is because I am a feminist. I believe in equality and I have seen many young women and girls who have had their personal autonomy taken away from them due to societal expectations based on their gender, culture, age and race. 

To narrow down my research topic, I will be focusing on the lack of independence available to women in the medical field regarding wage gap between male and female doctors, discrimination against women, not only because of their gender but also because of women with different racial backgrounds. These are a few of the topics I want to delve into during my research. I believe to thoroughly answer a specific research question, I will be using multiple topics, such as the ones listed above, to support my paper because these issues are related to one another. 

I am very passionate about these issues and during the research process, I hope to gain more knowledge about these specific topics and work alongside others who are equally as passionate about these controversies as I am. 


Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project. Image via Hello Giggles. 



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  1. kprice21 · February 11, 2016

    I like how you are also your career goal as well as your interest in feminism.


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