I n f o g r a p h

Infographs are incredibly creative and often used during presentations on various topics. Infographs are used to deliver information in the most clear and concise way that is also visually stimulating for the audiences. Infographics are appealing to many people because of the many ways information can be presented to them that is straightforward and omits the use of excessive and irrelevant details. Infographs enable readers to effortlessly acquire knowledge on various subjects.

I chose Data Vis, Photo, and the Timeline infographics for this assignment because I like certain aspects of each design that will allow me to present the most important and relevant information to my audience in one method. I chose to draw inspiration from these three infographs because I want to customize a design that is suitable for my research as well as my audience. I will be utilizing many data and statistics that are crucial for bolstering my argument regarding if and why should the government fund Planned Parenthood.

In my infograph, I will be including information about Planned Parenthood and a timeline that shows the organization’s progression over the years, as well as the effects it has had on women since the organization was founded in 1916. I will provide a list of services that are provided to women and why they are important to women’s health. Also, I will provide a breakdown of how much of each services are used, as well as the amount of funding received by the organizations, and how the funding is distributed throughout the organization.


The Importance of Visuals via Google Images.


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