I n f o g r a p h II

For my infographic, I want to present the audience with the necessary information that is informative or even persuasive that will further boast my argument. The infograph will be straightforward, clear and concise. The articles provide statistics of women’s health issues that have yet to see a change.

The article, The Demographic Of Abortion: It’s Not What You Think published in the American Prospect, by Amanda Marcotte explains how because of the increase use of contraceptives, there has been a decline in unwanted pregnancies. However, approximately 42% of women live under the poverty line and when there is a lack of resources, women of color are affected the most, which raises the need for abortion services to rise. The article cites many statistics on women in different socioeconomic status, age, race, past and present rate of abortion which will be useful because these are significant information not only for my infograph but also the audience.

The Impact of Government Programs on Reproductive Health Disparities: Three Case Studies, a peer-reviewed article published in the Guttmacher Institute by Heather D. Boonstra examines the lack of education and resources available to young women and married couples looking to start a family. The article provides charts and graphs that convey the trends in abortion cases, the use of contraceptives over the years and the government programs such as Medicaid’s changing policies has affected many women and families.

Abortion and Women of Color: The Bigger Picture, a peer-reviewed article published in the Guttmacher Institute by Susan A. Cohen discusses how it is mostly women of color who are more likely to need abortion than Caucasian women. The article, How the Hyde Amendment Discriminates Against Poor Women and Women of Color published in the Center For American Progress Jessica Arons and Lindsay Rosenthal lists the effects of the Hyde Amendment on poor women and women of color. This article emphasizes on the fact that the Hyde Amendment was passed to deny poor women access to abortion. The article provides statistics on many topics such as the number of women in reproductive age who rely solely on Medicaid to pay for their health coverage. The article discusses how poor women and women of color are mostly affected when it comes it reproductive health. The article remind us that abortion costs are so high that it is difficult for many women to get an abortion without insurance. The article emphasizes on the fact that because the costs of abortion, women are forced to carry out their pregnancy despite the fact that most of these women are unable to provide for their baby. However, the main argument of both of these articles is that although poor women and women of color lack resources, this is an important issue for women in different ages, race and socioeconomic status.

History & Success Of Planned Parenthood published by Planned Parenthood reviews the history and success of the organization since it was established in 1916. The informative article reviews all of the court cases relevant to women’s reproductive rights, the attacks on Planned Parenthood and it provides statistics of the positive effect the organization has had on women over the years. These information are crucial for my infograph and for the audience because I think it is important that people are informed about the historical cases and conflicts that played a part in women’s right to choose and in the development of Planned Parenthood.


Women’s National Abortion Action Coalition. Image via Google Image.



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    This is really good.


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