Why Planned Parenthood?

infographicThe infographic I have created is about Planned Parenthood and how it has significantly affected millions of men and women. In my infographic, I attempt to persuade my audience on why it would be valuable to support Planned Parenthood. The purpose of my infographic is to provide a timeline of some of the most well-known historical events, as well as significant achievements of Planned Parenthood and for women’s reproductive rights. In the infographic, I focus on the most imperative information, such as Planned Parenthood’s sources of funds and how it is distributed to provide various services to millions of people throughout the United States.

One way the infographic achieves its purpose is by providing reliable information gathered from various sources such as the primary Planned Parenthood website, and the organizations secondary websites: I Stand With Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood Action. The Planned Parenthood websites provide annual reports, timelines of important historical events, and various data that lists all of the organization’s services provided to men and women in rural and underserved areas. I utilized information from two peer-reviewed articles published in the Guttmacher Institute. The journal article, “The Impact of Government Programs on Reproductive Health Disparities: Three Case Studies” by Heather D. Boonstra provides charts and graphs that convey the trends in abortion cases, the use of contraceptives over the years and how the government programs such as Medicaid’s changing policies has affected many women and families. In the journal article, “Abortion and Women of Color: The Bigger Picture” by Susan A. Cohen provides graphs and charts on how it is mostly lower income women and women of color who are more likely to have abortions than Caucasian women. The article, “How the Hyde Amendment Discriminates Against Poor Women and Women of Color,” published in the Center For American Progress by Jessica Arons and Lindsay Rosenthal lists the effects of the Hyde Amendment, and provides statistics on many topics such as the number of women in reproductive age who rely solely on Medicaid to pay for their health coverage.

In order to create my infographic, I chose a particular format that is easy to follow and provides all of the necessary information to help the audience better understand why Planned Parenthood is crucial for millions of men, women and families throughout the United States. In the infographic, I included a timeline of important events of Planned Parenthood, different court cases on women’s right to abortion and contraceptives. I chose the specific color palette and the different font styles precisely because I wanted these elements to correlate with the significance of each particular topic covered in the infographic. For example, I used the color red to highlight various attacks abortion clinics, as well as people in certain states. These rhetorical strategies allowed me to convey my argument and my position without using a vast amount of words.

Piktochart is an excellent and creative tool used to create visual representations of information on different topics. However, at first, I found the tool to be overwhelming but with time and practice, it allowed me to gather all of my ideas and present them using the creative resources provided by Piktochart. All of the information and data provided are crucial for my infographic, and for the audience because I think it is important that people are informed about the historical cases and conflicts that were significant in women’s right to choose and in the development of Planned Parenthood. I wanted to persuade the audience on the role Planned Parenthood plays in the lives of millions of people. The purpose of this infographic was to visually represent information using the least possible amount of words to keep the audience engaged and effortlessly acquire knowledge on various topics.


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