Debate Over Women’s Rights

The debate over women’s health rights has been an issue for many years. However, women’s health rights should never have been part of a debate, but religion and politics managed to have a significant impact on women’s rights for thousands of years. Women had to struggle for many years for their basic rights but gloriously succeeded in accomplishing many of their goals and with hard work, they acquired their rights to equality.

One of the current women’s rights issue is the proposal to end the funding for Planned Parenthood and shut down all of the organization’s clinics around the United States. Planned Parenthood is the main source for millions of lower-income people where they can receive their basic healthcare without the worry of excessive debt. If Planned Parenthood clinics were terminated, it would negatively impact millions of men and women.

Planned Parenthood is often misunderstood because anti-choice activists have instilled the idea that the organization is mainly responsible for performing abortion procedures. The anti-choice groups have continuously attacked, falsified information and created intricate lies in order shut down Planned Parenthood. However, these attempts to end Planned Parenthood are not new, these attacks have persisted since the organization was established in 1916.

Planned Parenthood provides various services such as cancer screening, contraception, and treatments for many treatments. These services not only benefit women but they also provide help to men and families in general. The government should take action and continue to fund Planned Parenthood because the organization’s mission is to help men and women. Denying these healthcare rights to women is considered to be “war on women” which not only affects women today but the next generation of strong, independent girls across the globe.


Women’s Rights Protest 1980.



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